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Thank you for visiting the Sundance Farm website. It is a pleasure to have you as our guest.

Here at Sundance Farm we take great pride in the quality of our miniature horses and our extremely rare line bred Raffles Arabians. We believe strongly in providing a high quality of life for our equine residents and for our customers.

It is this belief in quality of life that drives us to provide an opportunity for handicapped persons to enjoy the experience of driving our ponies and miniatures using specially equipped carriages. We would like all persons to experience the joy that comes from that special bond between horses and humans.

As one of only a handful of line bred Raffles breeders in the United States, we at Sundance Farm are also dedicated to the preservation of these extremely rare and precious Arabian bloodlines. The descendents of the great stallion Raffles are becoming increasingly rare and we are dedicated to preserving those lines for the benefit of future generations.

We also use our ponies and miniature horses for horse entertainment such as pony parties and carriage and stagecoach rides. Feel free to visit our reservation page to book your next event.

Another of our specialties is our personalized hand made horse treats. Your horse will love them. These delicious homemade treats are sure to satisfy even the most finicky of your equine friends.

Please come back and visit us often. You are always welcome at Sundance Farm.

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