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Stallion Services

Random Body ImageAt Sundance Farm we are dedicated to the preservation of the Raffles Arabian. We believe in breeding the best to the best to produce the highest quality horses possible. We currently own 5 Arabian stallions, two of whom have achieved nationwide notoriety through exceptional show performance. The other 3 have achieved international mention in books and other publications because of their exceptional bloodlines and outstanding temperament.

When a client has a mare that they wish to breed to one of our stallions we use the following process:

  1. Client consultation: We meet with the owner of the mare to compare pedigrees, strengths and weaknesses of both horses involved and to ascertain the overall purpose for which they intend the foal be used (show, riding, driving, pleasure). We have found that when we understand what the baby will be used for after it reaches maturity we can present a better recommendation to the mare owner as to which of our excellent stallions would produce the best baby for the application.
  2. When the client has made their selection they will be required to pay a $200 booking fee to reserve that stallion's services for the upcoming year. This fee is subtracted from the total stud fee charged for services.
  3. The mare owner must present health papers from a certified veterinarian, a negative bacterial culture and proof of shots and a negative Coggins test before the mare will be allowed on the property.
  4. The mare will be booked into a clean stall in the breeding area. Her boarding fee will be $300 per month excluding veterinary fees. This covers her care, stall cleaning, hay and grain for the month that she is here. Any additional months will be billed at the same rate. It is our goal to have the mare returned to the owner as soon as she is verified in foal at 18 days after the breeding.
  5. At Sundance Farm we offer a live foal guarantee for all of our stallions. If the baby that is produced is alive when it is born and stands and nurses, the remaining balance of the stud fee is due and payable at that time.
  6. At Sundance Farm, due to the potential for injury to both the stallion and the mare we do not pasture breed but rather hand breed in all cases. We also do offer shipped chilled semen for use in cases where bringing the mare to us is not a viable option. The mare owner is responsible for all shipping fees.

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